Patty Aizaga

Hello Planner friends my name is Patty. I am a born and raised New Yorker, business executive, runner with a busy schedule so it always feels like I have a million+1 things to do. Thus my love for all things Planner related. Since I was in college I have always used a paper planner to keep track of classes and assignments. When I entered the workforce I did the same, keeping my to-do lists in a planner instead of loose paper or post-it notes. It was always a generic planner from one of the office supply stores. About three years ago everything I knew about planners changed when a friend posted a picture of an Erin Condren planner. Like any fellow Planner newbie, I stalked the Erin Condren website until I finally ordered my first planner – gorgeous turquoise planner with my name on it. It wasn’t long until the words washi tape, Etsy stickers, gel pens, and more became part of my every day life.

Fast forward three years later and I have tried quite a few planners: Erin Condren, Hobonichi, Travelers Notebook (pocket and personal size), Filofax, Kate Spade Wellesley and my current love The Happy Planner. I’ve enjoyed them all for different reasons. My current every day carry includes 3 planners: my BIG Happy Planner, a pocket FoxyFix TN and Chic Sparrow personal TN. The Happy Planner is my main planner where I “pretty plan” my weekly spreads and add in appointments, work and personal to-do’s. It’s pretty but functional. The Chic Sparrow personal is my wallet. The insert from Speckled Fawn adds the extra pockets perfect for my ids and cash. I love it because I can still add a few notebooks and make it my planner/wallet. The last part of my every day carry is the FoxyFix pocket TN which has my calendar inserts for the year for future planning, a notebook for daily lists, bill tracker and my checkbook. The last two inserts are printables from Annie Plans on Etsy. I’ve been using this system since January 2017 and it’s been working for me. Luckily I have a big tote bag as my work bag. All my planners fit perfectly in this bag. I’m not super careful with my planners. I use them to help me get things done so they get bumps and scratches but that’s ok. It gives them character and they are definitely loved. I could go on with my love of paper planners…there is also my gratitude journal, regular journals, art journal, and memory keeping planner. But that my friends are stories for a future date. Happy Planning!

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